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Home Automation

Smart Home, Smart Decision.

Control your home from anywhere at the touch of a button with the all new Total Connect App 2.0.


Experiencing extreme temperature changes? Adjust your thermostat while you're away

Safeguard your home by locking and unlocking doors remotely


In a rush? Open and close your garage with ease

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Water Valve

Afraid of your pipes bursting during the cold winter months? Turn your water valve on and off!

Want to save money when you're away? Now you can by dimming and turning off lights from the app

Stay Connected and In Control.

Now, you can protect what matters most from anywhere at anytime. The Total Connect App 2.0 gives you complete mobile control and management over your entire smart home. 

Have your kids ever locked themselves out? You can unlock the door for them from the comfort of your workspace.


Have you ever had a distressed and worried family member that accidentally trips the alarm system? Disarm it from your mobile device.


Want to save money and energy? Turn off your lights and adjust your thermostat when you're not home!


With Z-Wave technology, you can connect all your devices and turn your smartphone into a smart home.


What is Z-wave technology? Z-Wave is a wireless low-energy radio frequency that allows your smart devices to connect with one another!

The Total Connect App 2.0 helps you:​

  • Remotely control your smart home:

    • Unlock or lock doors​

    • Turn lights on and off

    • Arm or disarm your security system 

    • Open or close garage 

    • Adjust thermostat temperature 

    • Turn water valve on or off

  • ​View and manage up to 6 live videos and recorded clips​ from your cameras

  • Connect with smart brands like Amazon Alexa

  • Create and control automated scenes by setting schedules to save money and energy

  • Receive push notifications, email and video alerts on event activity 

  • Keep your information secure with fingerprint login or face ID recognition

Want to try out a free interactive demo? Click here and check out "Test Drive." 

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