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Central Vacuum

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home


Nutone Central Vacuum makes removing dust, dirt, and allergens from your home a breeze. With powerful suction and sealed filtration, deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery will never be easier.


Unlike a traditional vacuum which may recirculate dirty air into your living areas, Nutone central vacuums expel vacuum air outside of your home — leaving the air inside clean and pure.


Don’t Sweat Your Vacuuming


Vacuuming should feel easy, not like exercise. Portable vacuums can weigh upwards of 20 pounds, whereas our Nutone vacuum tubes weigh less than half of that. With a Nutone central vacuum, you can keep your house clean without breaking a sweat.

Less Noise, More Clean


That loud sound you hear on your portable vacuum is the motor. A central vacuum’s motor is located far from your living area for a quieter vacuum experience. 


Plus, Nutone vacuums are designed with sound absorbing materials —  the only noise you’ll hear is the dirt and dust being sucked away from your living spaces.

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