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Home Security 
Video Monitoring


Looking for the best in interior and exterior home protection? Sundown can design and install an advanced security system for you. We offer various types of cameras and video recorders to meet your unique needs.


You can keep a watchful eye on your property and family from anywhere at any time of day with the Total Connect app.


For additional security at your front door, we can install the Skybell video doorbell. When someone rings the Skybell doorbell, the free Skybell app notifies you right away. You can then answer the door from anywhere — with the ability to see, hear, and speak with the visitor directly in-app.


The Skybell doorbell also contains a motion sensor — alerting you to a visitors presence, even if they don’t press the button.


HD Video Camera 

Motion Sensor

Main Button

Microphone & Speaker

Alarm Monitoring


We provide industry-leading touch screen keypads that you can access remotely via a WiFi enabled device. Protecting your home 24/7 is more convenient than ever thanks to their voice recognition functionality, allowing you to arm and disarm your system with specific voice commands.


But if you’d rather opt for a simple keypad solution, we have a variety of easy-to-use keypads for you to choose from. Secure your house with the push of a button.

Glass Break Sensors


Glass break sensors are designed specifically to detect the frequency of glass breaking. These sensors sound an alarm and alert central station when they detect glass that has been broken or tampered with.


If your home has multiple windows or sliding doors, glass break sensors provide you a strong layer of protection — especially in conjunction with door and window sensors.

Motion Detectors 


Motion detectors can add an additional layer of protection to any space inside or outside of your home, no matter the size. Using advanced technology, our motion sensors can maximize intruder detection while minimizing false alarms.


Plus, you can adjust the sensitivity of our motion sensors at any time — perfect for leaving your pets at home without accidentally triggering your alarm.


We offer a variety of motions sensors so that you can protect any space.

Doors and Windows

Whether you’re away for the weekend or fast asleep at night, door and window sensors will keep your home secure. When armed, these sensors will trigger an alarm the moment a door or window is opened. Central station is alerted immediately so that action can be taken to deal with the intruder.


Our door sensors also give off an entry chime when disarmed so you know when someone is leaving or entering your home.


We offer both recessed and surface-mounted sensors so you can protect any door or window.

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